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Concrete Polishing & Staining

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Our Concrete Polishing Services in Fort Myers

Fort  Lauderdale Concrete polishing Fort Luaderdale Concrete overlay

Concrete polishing is a relatively new and innovative eco-friendly flooring processing option that has been in use for a slightly more than a decade. It uses a bare concrete slab, typically the building’s foundation, and transforms it to a decorative floor. It was first used as a matter of function in warehouses to eliminate dusting, increase lighting, reduce ware on equipment, and to create a permanent, low maintenance, coating free flooring solution.

When “properly” processing concrete to achieve a fully polished finish, the final product looks similar to a polished stone such as granite or slate. All products added to the concrete during the polishing process are intended to enhance the natural concrete, not cover or alter it, keeping all the natural benefits of the original concrete slab, only it’s stronger and more resistant to staining. Just keep in mind, concrete polishing is not a method for protecting concrete as much as it is a process for turning the concrete itself into an incredibly dense, highly abrasion resistant surface, guaranteeing a floor that can withstand even the toughest traffic, yet stay beautiful for years and years to come.

KBV Concrete Design has decades of experience in serving top-notch concrete polishing services. Bring your floor back to its original appearance! We have been proudly served the residents of Fort Myers, Port Charlotte, Naples, Bradenton, Sarasota, Tampa, St. Petersburg, Clearwater,  for the past many years. Being the best residential concrete floor polishing company, we can accomplish all your polishing and restoring needs proficiently. Moreover, we have well-experienced and highly skilled concrete polishing and restoration contractors to assist you. If you want to upgrade your concrete floor, we will give you cost-efficient and excellent services. Your floor will be polished and will have a high-gloss shine!

Some of our recent work

Concrete Polishing in Florida
Fort Luaderdale Concrete overlay
Concrete Polishing Fort Lauderdale

KBV Concrete Polishing offers the Highest-Quality, Durable, Moisture Controlled Industrial Flooring, and Michigan Concrete Polishing services. Save money, while improving both appearance and workplace efficiency, our Florida Concrete Polishing service fits commercial and residential applications of all sizes.  Concrete polishing is the solution to your flooring needs that takes care of your budget, reliability, and appearance concerns about your flooring and KBV Concrete Polishing Fort Myers is the # 1 option in the Sarasota area for the best concrete polishing available.

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