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Fort Lauderdale, Florida Concrete Overlays

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Our Florida Concrete Overlay Flooring Services

Fort Lauderdale concrete polishing

Our Florida concrete overlays produce a smoother, more consistent long-lasting bond to transform existing concrete surfaces to like new, ready for staining, stamping and hand-carved decorative concrete finishes. When compared side by side, the quality of our concrete mixes is simply better than anything else on the market. The proprietary blend is mixed fresh on-site with the proper amounts of ingredient

When properly placed, new concrete is relatively smooth, flat, and sound, and generally requires less preparation than most existing concrete being considered for rehabilitation. Depending on the condition of existing concrete, costs may be affected by the need for additional coarse grinding steps or for patching and repairing of rough and/or deteriorated sections. The removal of old sealers, mastic residue, dirt, or other surface contaminants also adds time and cost to the overall process.  As such, an on-site mock-up is always recommended to determine the acceptability of the final aesthetic and avoid having an unsatisfied client. Adhering to flatness specifications and proper hard-troweling steps will also greatly affect the floor’s final appearance. In the case of a new floor project, the polishing process can be completed with a minimum of interference with the ongoing operations of an existing facility or with other work trades. The chemical treatment applied after polishing is completely odorless and dries quickly, allowing treated floor sections to be opened as soon as they are completed.

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Do you want seamless concrete overlay flooring? It must be done professionally! KBV Concrete Design is a leading flooring company that is offering the best flooring solutions. We have a team of concrete experts having years of flooring experience. The residents of Fort Lauderdale FL, Sarasota FL, Miami FL, Orlando FL, Boca Raton FL, West Palm Beach FL, Doral FL, Naples FL, Fort Myers FL, Tampa FL, St. Petersburg FL, Vero Beach FL, Fort Pierce FL, Kendall FL, Florida Keys FL & Pompano Beach FL are already taking advantage of our cost-effective and high-end services. We have the best concrete overlay repair contractors to efficiently complete the project. Get your new floor ready in just no time! We provide more sturdy solutions to give you the best concrete overlay flooring and accomplish all your flooring needs. 

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