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Concrete Polishing has become wildly popular recently and for an good reason. It comes with a host of benefits that is enticing people to get it done. Here are the top 10 reasons to consider Concrete Polishing for your next project!

Michigan Concrete Polishing Service
Pictured above is one of our concrete polishing projects

Eliminate Dusting from Efflorescence

When it comes to concrete that is ordinarily polished, tiny dust particles are generally pushed to the surface via an upward force. This upward force is known as the hydrostatic pressure, which results in efflorescence. This generally results in dusting that forces the epoxies off of their surface that is made up of the concrete floor. This can make the entire process of maintenance quite costly. Polishing is an excellent solution to these kinds of issues.


By sealing and densifying the surface, polished concrete easily transforms any kind of porous concrete floor into a floor that is quite tightened and dense enough to repel oil, water as well as other contaminants. This prevents all sorts of contaminants from penetrating the surface and hence, ensures a stain-free floor at all times.

Enhanced Ambient Lighting and Reflectivity

Concrete Polishing also ensures that the floor has reflective properties. This enhances the lighting of the floor in different facilities. In addition to that, increased ambient lighting also helps in reducing the energy bills in addition to offering a beautiful look.

Increased Slip Resistance

It is also important to mention here that polished concrete is super shiny. Yet, it does not lead to a slippery floor. On the contrary, it is loaded with the benefits of flattening the floor by mechanically grinding it. All this increases the overall coefficient of friction as compared to any other ordinary concrete. It is also necessary to note that polished concrete is said to exceed the OSHA standards for floors.

Less Maintenance

In addition to that, it is common knowledge that most floor systems such as linoleum and tile need aggressive scrubbing in order to ensure a clean environment as well as a nice appearance. Moreover, polished concrete surfaces are usually tightly compacted. This helps in reducing stains and fewer requirements for stripping or waxing the floors in order to maintain their sheen.

Cost Effective

Concrete Polishing is also ideal as it helps in reducing energy as well as the maintenance costs associated with it substantially. This is done via ambient lighting and reflectivity; reduced tire wear as well as a reduction in upkeep like waxing and stripping.


Concrete that is polished uses the existing concrete surfaces and eliminates all the additional materials like coatings and coverings. This helps in making buildings sustainable. In addition to that, typically, it contains no noticeable VOCs. Hence, it is friendly to be used in any kind of USBG LEED project.

No Plant/Production Shutdowns (Mechanical Polish)

Through time as concrete ages, delamination, surface stress, and other problems such as curled cold joints can pop up. Mechanically grinding the floor helps in removing the old concrete’s top surface and polishing only strengthens it. Therefore, it increases the impact of the floor and also makes it abrasion-resistant.

Reduced Tire Wear

The uneven and rough texture of natural concrete results in abrasion to the tires, which adds to their wear. Therefore, a polished concrete floor helps in leveling the joints as well as making the entire surface super smooth. This prevents further abrasion of the floor.

Improved Condition of Old Floors

Polished concrete that has been mechanically dried can be used immediately once the process is finished. Also, the process is extremely clean and devoid of all hazardous and toxic chemicals.

Final Words

As can be seen, getting Concrete Polishing done for your floors can be an excellent idea in the long run. It is not only sustainable but extremely cost-effective too. So, when are you getting it done?

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